StarFlint The Blackhole Prophecy Seeks Funding Through Kickstarter

A new point-and-click adventure game is in the works, but it’s seeking the help of gamers interested in going through this futuristic space adventure. Developed by Stunmason Games, the video game title is called StarFlint the Blackhole Prophecy which revolves around the story of a deadly space pirate Trixie and an ordinary man named Flint.

From what we know so far about the story, Flint was an ordinary man until he was hit by a strange blackhole. After entering the blackhole, Flint was able to save a deadly space pirate named Trixie and her makeshift crew. Now with the duo paired together and the police force on their trail, they begin their epic journey of escape while meeting up with new aliens, strange mysteries, along with unfolding a conspiracy.

The development team has taken inspiration from classic point-and-click adventures along with a Telltale games in which gamers will be given choices and from their decisions, they’ll also be facing consequences. Though the game offers a cartoon-style design, it’s clearly stated that this will be a game aimed at mature audiences.

Currently, the Kickstarter campaign has raised just over $6,500 out of their pledged goal of $45,588. With only eighteen days remaining, the development team is seeking more backers to raise the necessary funds to fulfill their development costs. If you’re at all interested, check out their Kickstarter campaign here, the featured campaign video up above along with the video game’s galley down below.