PSA: Twitter App “Which Champion Are You?” Is FAKE. Not Made by Riot Games.


Internet folks need to be warned about this “LOL_ChampionAPP” scam. Brandon Felczer,  Player Relations at Riot Games issued this warning yesterday.

Don’t fall for tweets like this from prominent League of Legends influencers. The program has permission to automatically tweet this out on its own.


It’s using a fake Riot Games certification, and makes you follow a Twitter account which seems to be at the center of the scam. League of Legends wasn’t the first time something like this happened with either. There are reports of it occurring with Pokemon and Overwatch related subject matter as well.

Behind the generated shortlink that’s made with each tweet, they all point to “” where it asks you to sign in with Twitter. The minute you give that app permission to access your Twitter account, you become at risk of having it hijacked.

ScamerinoIf you already allowed the app to have access to your account, remove permissions IMMEDIATELY. Go to the “Apps” section of your Twitter profile and revoke access to the program as soon as possible.