Become A Viking Chieftain In Iron Tides

From the indie game studio, Crash Wave Games, comes Iron Tides, one of the latest video games to be featured within the Square Enix Collective. Players take on the role of a Viking Chieftain as they command their vessel filled with loot hungry warriors in search for riches and glory. According to Crash Wave Games, gamers can expect a genre-mash of survival, resource management, and strategy.

Iron Tides revolves around the warbands of Norhaven, who has long reigned over the western seas. Tales of the western seas holding precious loot only increases the interest in new Chieftain’s urge to plunder the seas for gold and treasure. However, a new force threatens the plethora of loot that can be found and the very livelihoods of the Norhaven.

This terrible enemy force is known as the Scourge and it’s up to players in order to find out more about Scourge as they set off on their quest of mining up their own treasure along the way. As mentioned, there are a few genres that are mashed together in order to deliver out Iron Tides. Players not only will manage their resources such as the ships and crew but will face against enemies in the style of a tile-based board game.

There seems to be a bit of strategy that will go into defeating the enemy. Players will have to carefully place their crew of warriors around the map and determine which weapon types will inflict the most amount of damage to an enemy.

Currently, the game is in early alpha and the development team is using Square Enix’s Collective in order to receive critical feedback. So far, the game has been Greenlit for Steam and Crash Wave Games is looking for gamers to vote for Iron Tides if there’s any interest in checking the game out. For now, check out the Iron Tides gallery posted down below.