This Iron Bull Can Be Yours For $500


You’ll have to be a pretty big Dragon Age: Inquisition fan to put down the money for this Iron Bull statue. Even though this piece will look incredibly badass on your desk, the cost will run at the minimum of $470, so it’s not something for the casual fan, but for the hardcore diehard Dragon Age enthusiast.

Spotted at Kotaku, The Iron Bull statue is a 1/4 statue standing a total of 22.5” tall and it’s stated to capture the character is all his awesome glory. However, it comes with a steep price of $469.99. Though you don’t have to pay that in full, you can opt for a two-month payment deal for $150.00.

This Iron Bull station also comes with an exclusive variant for the price of $499.99 which is the same 1/4th statue that comes standing at 22.5” tall. However, the variant edition of this Iron Bull statue also comes with a removable Dread helmet. If you’re interested in the statues then you can head to Gaming Heads which are offering the statue right now for pre-order.

Check out the gallery down below to see the Iron Bull statues in all their glory.