The Next Battlefield’s Pre-Show Focuses On The Series’ History

The world premiere of the next Battlefield game, which is rumored to be called Battlefield 1 and set in the trenches of the First World War will take place later today. Until then, EA and DICE are running a pre-show that covers the history of the series and how each of the titles came to be, and what they brought to the table.

The first title in the Battlefield series was Battlefield 1942. Set during WWII, the game released on both the PC and Mac in 2002. The series later grew to feature the Vietnam War, a futuristic war set in the 22nd century between the Russians and the Europeans, and finally the modern era, which had Russians, Europeans, Americans, Arabs and Chinese at each others’ throats.

The series was also given life in the form of a more comedic spin-off called Bad Company, which followed the shenanigans of a squad of rejects—hence the name.

The series has seen the release of 11 titles and 12 expansion packs over the years, and this year’s title, which is rumored to be set in WW1, will be its 12th game. Overall, the series has enjoyed over 50 million players worldwide, many of whom are expected to return to the series once more.

You can watch the pre-show below.

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