Offworld Trading Company Receives First Patch


If you’re a fan of Offworld Trading Company then you’ll be glad to know that a new patch has updated and improved the video game. According to the official Offworld Trading Company forums, the patch will bring in a number of improvements that’s been on the developers list for some time now.

Offworld Trading Company puts players into space as the mine for various resources on Mars. However, it’s a tough business to break into as competing mining companies also head to the red planet in hopes to mine out the best resources and make the better profit. We here at Gameranx even got the chance to review the game and it received an outstanding 10/10 score.

Today players who owned Offworld Trading Company will see a number of different updates for the game. From bug fixes, making the game more balanced, along with updated UI and graphics, here is the full patch run down.

New Features
  • Audio overhaul. Tons of new voice over and sound fx.

  • Improved performance and reduced memory use.

  • Using a Core Sample will now give you exclusive rights to claim the tile for 60 secs.

  • Double clicking on the “Open Lobby” now creates a default lobby just like clicking on the Join Lobby button when the Open Lobby is selected.

  • Players can new set which monitor they want the game to use in options.

  • Updates for Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Korean languages.

  • Less patent auctions.

  • No more Solar Flares at night.

  • Updated Tutorial 5 based off of community feedback/confusion.

  • Solar Flares back to original probability.

  • Higher stock prices at start.

  • Updated Tutorial 2 flow based on user feedback.

  • Various campaign improvements.

  • Fix for replays not getting attached to daily challenges if the player does a restart of the mission.

  • UI/main menu/lobby: Fixed an error where the toggle control was getting focus when “on” was changed.

  • UI/menu screen/lobby: Check in fix for chat message lobby clear message.

  • Fixed bug where sometimes the replay files are not stored for ranked matches.

  • Fixed Black Market UI issue for Spies/Holograms.

  • Rejected potatoes from Mark Watney farms, they tasted funny.

  • Electrolysis reactor building class type no longer uses the text for hydrolysis reactor.

  • Fix for reporting the wrong match type from the standalone server at the end of the match.

  • Fixed bug with deleting old replay files.

  • Fixing edge cases that were preventing tutorial 5 advancement.

  • Fix to getting the number of players waiting for a match.

  • Fixed the ambient occlusion artifact when zoomed out.

  • Now showing correct time for patent on patent tab.

  • Fixed an issue with index of the player for them message of who dropped.

  • Fixed an issue allowing people to rejoin lobbies they were kicked from.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause replays to not work.

  • Fixed an issue where we were showing the incorrect tooltip on the campaign rewards screen.

  • Changed all references to Colony Shares to simply Colony modules in Campaign.

  • Better stock text.

  • Removed the old welcome popup.

  • Reduced the changelist size.

  • Improved changelist popup.

  • Improved Week 2 tutorial popups in campaign.

  • We now show resource level icon on tooltips for tiles that are empty but have resources.

  • Renamed “Unlocks All HQs” perk to “Indie Developer”.

  • Better help text for subsidy rewards.

  • Updated the name for the 4 player FFA lobby for filters.

  • In-game/ui/player list: Added an icon to indicate current winner on 7 sols and campaign 7 sols mode.

  • We now use the visible building height to determine hologram and goon squad height.

  • Changed the campaign mission reward text color from red to green.

  • We now show black market types on the loading screen.

  • Losing team members on a winning team will now see the victory screen.

  • Campaign events that do not have a unique icon will now use a 20-sided die icon instead of Westward Wind icon.

  • Charts and graphs headers now show better in an 8 player game.

  • This changelist item stolen by pirates, those filthy bastards.

  • The loading screen now shows num players and map size for Daily Challenge.

  • Added a new loading screen featuring the New Meridians.

  • Improved victory screen graphics.

  • Updated MULE skinning.

  • Improved Geothermal ground and Electrolysis Reactor construction.

  • Improved Quarry ground plane.

  • Improved Metal Mine ground plane.

  • Improved Chemical Laboratory.

  • Improved low/med Metal Mine.