DeNA Unveils Latest RPG Monster Builder

DeNA has a brand new video game available today for the mobile Android and iOS platforms. The video game is called Monster Builder where humanity is fighting for their lives after alien monsters invade the planet. Your only hope in successfully keeping Earth intact is to scrape up the alien monster DNA from the past battlefields and craft up your very own alien monster.

Announced through a press release, DeNA describes their latest release, Monster Builder, as a Monster Collectible Battle RPG. As mentioned, the game will have players crafting their own unique alien monsters to defend Earth, but in order to craft these monsters, DNA from the opposing alien threat must be collected within the battlegrounds.

According to DeNA, there are several thousand variations when mixing the monster DNA, each will radically change the monster outcome. There is a total of four elemental types across four monster types to choose from, each will play a bigger role when competing against various enemy alien types.

Additionally, there are Hero monsters which are the most powerful creatures with unique skills that can be summoned during a heated battle. Currently, the Monster Builder video game is currently available for both iOS and the Android platform for free.

As for DeNA, the development studio has been in the news for its partnership with Nintendo’s line of mobile video games, the first to release is Miitomo. During a Nintendo financial reports and briefings with their investors, the company announced that they wish to see their mobile division as a pillar of profit.

While Nintendo has only released Miitomo, the next two video game installments are said to be an Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem title.