“Uncharted: Fortune Hunter” Mobile Game unlocks Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Items

Possibly inspired by Fallout 4‘s Fallout Shelter game, Sony released an Uncharted game on mobile devices ahead of Uncharted 4‘s launch.

Fortune Hunter comes with 6 adventures and 200 different puzzle chambers total. You and Sully team up to collect over 50 treasures hidden across the game’s four worlds. You unlock in-game rewards (costumes), as well.

Check out some pictures of the game below. Some of it is from the official iTunes page, others come from NeoGAF.

While the game itself is free, there are microtransactions. You can buy mystical orbs by the stack, bag, or chest. If you want to reveal the locations of all the treasures, you can throw money towards that too.

Connecting to the Playstation Network allows you to transfer multiplayer rewards like skins, boosters, and relics, directly to Uncharted 4 as soon as it arrives on May 10th.
Snag it on Google Play and iTunes today.