Call of Duty and Facebook Pair Up For New Viral Marketing Campaign


It seems Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the supposed next entry into the Call of Duty franchise has teamed up with Facebook for a new messenger game?

While “game” might not be the right term, it certainly is an easter egg of sorts that sheds a little light on the upcoming title. Instead of spoiling everything it has to offer straight away, I’m going to run you through how it works.

To kick things off, watch the new video below.

Once you’re done with that, head along to the Facebook Messenger bot who will issue your orders. All you have to do to trigger him is to say Hello, or Howdy, or even Aloha.

He should then stressfully shout out some commands to you while under siege from the Settlement Defense Front. You can see those below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 7.29.35 PM

The figure out the rest of the code you’ll be directed to an Imgur link of Nuk3town from Black Ops 3. You’ll have to visit the map in-game and gather a series of numbers to complete the 11 letter sequence. Once you feed the 11 characters back to him in the right order you’ll receive a bit more information in regards to an official announcement. The message reads:

“It’s been an honor serving with you, [Surname]. Well done. All right, I’ve got to get back into this fight. You get yourself some rack time. The music should start up around 1600 GMT. Return here for transmission. You’re going to want to see this. Until then, Reyes out.”

We can only assume that at 1600 GMT (9am PT/12pm ET) the game will continue and we’ll be treated to more puzzles to solve and possibly even an announcement trailer.

Just a few days ago we saw the debut of an official teaser for the unconfirmed Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The teaser seems to indicate that this year’s Call of Duty will again be set in the future. You can check that out here. If you’re like me and think Call of Duty could do for a change then check our 10 Call of Duty Games We’d Love To See Made!