Meet Malcolm Reynolds, Dark Souls 3 Hacker

UPDATE: Malcolm spoke in the livestream comments about his intentions for doing this Dark Souls III ban marathon.

Original Story is as follows:

Malcolm Reynolds has been streaming “Soft banning in DS3” for the past five hours.

Malcolm’s hacked dagger gives his victims souls and other items. Any player with a hacked item in their inventory will get an “Invalid Game Data” warning sent to their account.  This “Soft banning” basically causes your Dark Souls 3 character to be reset, which means Malcolm Reynolds is going on a spree of ruining save files.

He’s managed to do this enough that a reddit thread on the topic is quickly reaching the front page of the website, with over 1000 comments.

Stories like those from YzenDanek, tell about their encounters with Malcolm.

This just happened to me. Couldn’t figure out wtf was going on. Could still be something else but I don’t see what. One second I get a message I’m being invaded, and a split second later, I’m loading Fire Shrine, I have 80,000 extra souls, my character’s body looks like a lizard, I can’t change equipment, and I’m hollowed but can’t use a Purging stone. Not being able to swap gear while wearing a Symbol of Avarice is extremely inconvenient.

He linked to screenshots of what his game looked like after the attack.

We can only hope that Bandai Namco support fixes this situation as soon as possible. People are trying to tweet at the Bandai Community Manager J. Kartje, to have action taken against Malcolm.

Someone has made an auto backup utility for any player to use. You can check it out here. I wrote about this issue in detail the other day, if you want to you catch up on the Dark Souls 3 hacking problem.