Mass Effect: New Earth Ride Coming This May

Mass Effect is getting its own amusement park ride this May and it may be worth checking out if you happen to be heading to California’s Great America theme park next month. We’ve known that the video game would receive its own amusement park ride for some time now, however, now we finally know when gamers can check the ride out first-hand.

May 18, 2016, is when California’s Great America will have Mass Effect: New Earth open and running for the general public. This announcement came from California’s Great America Twitter.

Gamers can climb aboard and enjoy the 4D ride themed around the Mass Effect series. This new attraction is said to have attendees become an explorer with settings and characters from the Mass Effect series making an appearance.

It’s unknown just what characters will pop up though there are a few details about the amusement park ride such as its motion-based seating, 3D glasses will be required, it will sport the world’s largest LED screen, and live performers that will curate and interact seamlessly with the ride.

We’re still pretty much in the dark as to where this ride takes place in the timeline of the video game series, though if there are characters and settings that will show up within the ride then chances are we’re looking at somewhere possibly within the original trilogy by development team Bioware, Mass Effect: Andromeda though that is purely speculation.

Regardless, take a look at the teaser video posted by California’s Great America up above and let us know if you’re planning on checking the ride out in-person by leaving a comment down below. Furthermore, let us know what amusement park rides you would like to see adapted from video games.