Nexon Updates Medal Masters, Legion Of Heroes, And Fantasy War Tactics

Fantasy War Tactics
Nexon Korea has updated three of their mobile RPGs, Medal Masters, Legion of Heroes, and Fantasy War Tactics, with details of the updates for each game listed below via a press release.

Medal Masters

The new update adds Guild Battles, a new Ancient Maze area to explore, a detailed stats screen, and the chance for players to test their skills in the Classified Arena.

Other features of the update are:

  •  New Guild Battle system featuring 15 brave heroes protecting their guild tower while clearing opposing guild towers to collect crowns and reign victorious;
  • New “Ancient Maze” dungeon for a team of five heroes to explore and collect rewards. The more floors completed without any deaths will result in extra rewards;
  • New “Gold” and “Silver” leagues in Classified Arena for heroes of all skill levels to test their strength and wit against others;
  • New detailed stats screen that shows various damage percentages for heroes;
  • New enhanced stats on nine heroes: Elcid, Maximus, Anubis, Yggdrasil, Clemens, Odysseus, Avaris, Merlin and Death Knight.

Legion of Heroes

This update introduces a new Bounty Hunt ‘Hell Mode’, an extension of the Tower of Chaos’ ‘Hard mode’ for players to test their skills for higher rewards. Evie and Lann, from the PC MMORPG Vindictus, are also available for purchase in the game.

Included in the update is the following:

  • New and challenging Bounty Hunt ‘Hell Mode’;
  • Expanded ‘Tower of Chaos’ ‘Hard Mode’: Characters level 50+ that have cleared the Normal Mode’s 105th floor can reach the 20th floor in Hard Mode;
  • New weekly rewards to earn from the Infinite Battle;
  • Rank 5 Legendary Equipment Chest, Red Gem Box (Rank 5), and Lv.2 Bravery Medals are now available;
  • Earn Rank 3, 4 Rings from Red Gem Box (Rank 3, 4) via Camillan by exchanging Lv.2 Bravery Medals, and Rank 5 Rings from Red Gem Box (Rank 5) obtained via Lv.4 Rare Treasure Chest.

Fantasy War Tactics

Mood Island is added to the game in the latest update, as well as a range of improvements to the Battle of Honor area.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Moon Island, an expansive new map for players to sharpen their strategy and allocate heroes;
  • Two new heroes available through Moon Island, Klein and Sione, each with a diverse range of skills;
  • Battle of Honor features two new maps, Battlefield of Bravery and Battlefield of Proof, as well as weekly map rotation system;
  • Brand new items in the Battle of Honor shop including a Bell Gene Fragment to get a new hero Bell, and an exclusive Bell costume;
  • Special, events starting today, April 28 through May 8; Players will have double boost available, including EXP, Gold and Genes (gene fragment) in various maps each day; Various items, such as ancient coins, gold, diamonds, etc. will be offered through on-time event as rewards.

All three game are available now for iOS and Android devices.