Dragon Age Producer Mark Darrah Tweets Video Tease


With all the ruckus over Mass Effect: Andromeda, it was high time we heard from the other popular Electronics Arts RPG franchise – Dragon Age. The last major release Dragon Age: Inquisition was widely praised as a game that at least was better than Dragon Age II unanimously. Some people had their own criticisms about the third title, but it was seen as a solid chapter overall.

The last Inquisition DLC, Trespasser, managed to end the game’s story-line on a well enough note when it released back in September 2015.

But now we have executive producer for the Dragon Age series, Mark Darrah, hinting some sort of new story on the horizon. On twitter, he gave a brief glimpse ahead with a video.

For anyone who thinks they’re missing out if they can’t see the video, you’re not. The pictures in this article are basically the only things of note he showed there. (It’s also worth pointing out that not just one, but two similarly styled books can be seen in the video, if you check the far left corner). A fancy castle icon in a sleek jet black on a deep red cover page, then he flipped a few pages until he found EA’s “FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY” warning.

But we can at least take the time to confirm what we can here a bit deeper.

The font used in the “INTERNAL USE ONLY” section of this mysterious book is the same font used for Dragon Age: Inquistion. Which means either EA is recycling paper and Mark Darrah is the greatest trickster known to man, or we can expect something Dragon Age related in the near future.