Racing Game 80’s Overdrive Coming to 3DS eShop


This game was seen earlier last month, but the developers have updated their website recently with new screenshots and information.

80’s Overdrive is a game similar to Out Run and Rad Racer. It’s third-person perspective 2D racing game with 16-bit graphics. Published by Insane Code, it will come to the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Autumn 2016.

There will be a choice of  at least 6 supercars that have upgradeable engines, chassis, and tires. You’ll be able to equip other extras like a police radar and nitro boost too. 8 different track themes are included, but there’s also a track editor that allows you to make your own and share it on Miiverse.

Career mode will have thirty different races, with side missions that become available by picking up items on the track. Time-attack mode is a race against time to get as much distance as possible.