You Can Play Super Donkey Kong 64 Now


If the world of ROM hacking hasn’t gone too far already, we’ve reached a new frontier. It’s the same idea every kid had at least once back when these games came out. Nintendo could’ve made a fortune crossing over different game universes.

YouTube channel Kaze Emanuar uploaded this new introductory video to their latest project today. They’ve spliced together Donkey Kong 64 and Super Mario 64 to create a crossover game. Mario and Pauline decide to visit their pal Donkey Kong to talk about their old rivalries, but when they arrive they find out that all isn’t well.

It’s got a lot of the Mario feel to it. You collect 50 stars and face off against many foes from the Mushroom Kingdom. But it’s presented among the Donkey Kong universe.

The teaser from last month showed off a degree of features as well. Including a shop system and some of the newer power-ups from the Mario series.

You can play it in the Project64 emulator. Download here.

How to play in Project64 1.6:
1. open rom
2. options-settings-unmark “hide advanced settings”
3. close options
4. options-settings-rom settings
5. set RDRAM to 8MB and counter factor to 1

Kaze Emanuar has past experience making ROM hacks. He’s made Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition, and designed new levels like Wildlife Valley, Abandoned Outpost, and Super Sweet Sugarland.

He even went as far as to optimize the collision code that Nintendo used for the game. You can support this crazy genius on Patreon.