RocketWerkz Unveils Latest Video Game Out of Ammo

You might have recalled Dean Hall, the creator of the popular Early Access title DayZ. Since then, Dean left the development team of Bohemia Interactive to form his own studio known as RocketWerz. Today we’re finally finding out what they have been hard at work with. Released today as a Steam Early Access title is Out of Ammo.

The launch trailer is available up above and it gives a bit of an insight as to what gamers can expect. This is an HTC Vive exclusive video game where players must fight against waves of soldiers while repairing structures. Being that this is an Early Access title on Steam, the video game is suitable for changing drastically before the development studio RocketWerkz gives the game an official launch.

For now, gamers can take part of five playable units which includes a sniper, rifleman, engineer, rocketeer, and medic. Additionally, the game will feature a few different environmental areas which are the woodland, urban, desert, and lastly the alpine. From the trailer alone, you can easily see how the game looks drastically different compared to what Dean Hall previously worked on with DayZ.

This is not the only project that Deal Hall is working on. The developer also announced an MMO video game known as ION where players are tasked with colonizing the universe.