Final Fantasy IX Now On Steam


The PlayStation 1 era of Final Fantasy is now complete on Steam. Final Fantasy IX is now available for purchase on the platform for $20.99, though until April 20 it can be bought for 20% off at $16.79

Like the Steam versions of FF7 and FF8, this version of FF9 also has new game boosters that allow you to plow through the game faster than ever before. A high speed mode allows players to just speed through battles that would require no real thought, or skip through dialogue you’ve already heard or aren’t interested in hearing.

Players also have the ability to turn off random encounters and just treat the game like it’s an interactive visual novel more than an RPG.

Perhaps most importantly though, the Steam version will feature high definition character models and movies, making it the definitive version of Final Fantasy 9, at least from a visual standpoint. Seriously though, look at how great this game looks for a PlayStation 1 title.


For those that missed out on the classic RPG, Final Fantasy 9 marked a return to the more fantastical style of Final Fantasy after FF7 and FF8 featured much more realistic character designs and settings. At the heart of the story was a young thief named Zidane who works for a theater troupe called Tantalus. One day, Tantalus gets hired to kidnap the Princess of Alexandria, Garnet, which helps set in motion a grand adventure that continues to escalate until eventually, the entire fate of the planet is at stake.

Those interested in purchasing Final Fantasy 9 on Steam can find it right here on its Steam store page.