Fable Legends Is Dead, Refunds For Gold Available

Microsoft announced the closure of both Lionhead Studios and its upcoming game Fable Legends last month. Today, they’ve made good on their word and shut the game’s servers down.

The servers stayed online for an additional month after last month’s announcement to accommodate beta testers. The ability to purchase in-game currency was shut off last month and Microsoft is offering refunds for anyone who purchased the Gold but had yet to spend it. If you spent it, it’s gone for good.

Lionhead Studios wrote:¬†“From all of us here at Lionhead Studios, we would like to thank you for participating in the closed beta and being a part of the game’s development. All stories have to end eventually, but the memories of Heroic triumphs and Villainous plots will last forever. Thank you for your support–you are all Legends!”

The game was in development for the Xbox One and PC and was originally scheduled to launch in 2015. Designed as a free-to-play title, Microsoft¬†had originally hoped for the game to enjoy a 10-year lifespan. The game would have been kept alive with regular content updates. Evidently, that isn’t happening.

If you bought any Gold, be sure to get your refund. You can find out how to do so via the official forum.