New Alienation Video Shows Off Character Classes


Housemarque’s latest, a twin stick shooter called Alienation, the spiritual successor to Dead Nation, has a new video showing off the various classes that players can use to fend off the alien invasion.

First off, there’s the Bio-Specialist, a character that is designed primarily to support other characters, but is also no slouch when it comes to solo play. She has the unique ability to heal other players, while also being to emit trails of poison and drop machines to autonomously attack enemies.

Next up is the Tank, who as you might imagine, fills the roll of a tank. They’re the ones meant to be at the front of the action, using their abilities to limit the amount of damage taken by enemies. Tanks can also clear overcrowded areas using attacks that focus on splash damage, and to top it all off, they’ve got access to a death ray to deal big damage in a line.

The Saboteur is a ninja-esque class with an additional melee attack in the form of a plasma sword. The Saboteur can turn invisible to get some stealth action on, and call in airstrikes to assist the team.

Learn more about Alienation, including its character progression mechanics by checking out the video above.

Alienation releases on the PlayStation 4 on April 26.