Gears Of War 4: Here’s What The Swarm, Emblems Look Like

Gears of War 4 Swarm
The Coalition have shared new pictures from Gears of War 4 on Twitter.

These pictures come from a beta tour event, which implies we will be seeing more of these in the very near future. No less than the head of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, and creative director, Chuck Osieja, shared these pictures, so there should be no question of their veracity.

This first pic gives us a good look at an enemy for the game, labeled the swarm drone. It does appear that this will be the default grunt, and as you can see, this new enemy is huge:

This next pic gives us a look at two emblems, with two zeros alongside them. Of course, it looks very much that these are to be used in multiplayer modes.

Finally, we get a nice preview pic of the end of the beta tour presentation, with some familiar looking art.

Gears of War 4
will be released on Xbox One this holiday 2016. Microsoft has repeatedly hinted at a PC port, but have yet to officially confirm it. You can read the initial reveal for JD Fenix and his friends here, and details on the multiplayer beta here.

What do you hope to see or hear about in future previews for Gears of War 4? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.