Payday 2’s Hardcore Crossover Brings In Sharlto Copley’s Jimmy

Payday 2 Jimmy mask
Payday 2
has hit paydirt for action movie fans, as they are bringing in Sharlto Copley in the game, in the form of his character Jimmy in the film Hardcore Henry, Jimmy.

In the film, Jimmy is an ally of Henry’s, who helps motivate him get his wife back from warlord Akan. In Payday 2, however, you will learn that Jimmy is not quite a hero himself, but then it’s not quite clear precisely what Jimmy is (secret agent? scientist? career criminal? immortal?).

It’s easier to talk about how Jimmy plays. Jimmy’s melee weapons of choice are a pair of Specialist Knives, which he uses to dispatch of enemies quickly. At farther distances, he takes people down with a Heather SMG. Jimmy introduces a new perk deck, called the Maniac. Maniac skills protect and strengthen your team when facing a barrage of enemies. The flip side of this is you need to keep Jimmy in the line of fire. Ironically, having this perk deck means keeping Jimmy shielded from the action makes him more liable to get hurt, since he won’t get the benefits from the perks.

Overkill have put together an amazing introduction trailer for Jimmy. It was directed by Hardcore Henry’s director and stars its actors, including Copley as the unhinged Jimmy himself.

The Hardcore Henry DLC pack for Payday 2 is available today for free. You can watch  both the Jimmy Introduction trailer and Character pack Spotlight trailer below.