IMDB Might Have Leaked New Characters For Final Fantasy XV

DC Douglas voice actor
IMDB’s credits page may have outed some new characters for Final Fantasy XV early.

This is based on the official IMDB page for Final Fantasy XV itself. Voice actor DC Douglas, best known in the video game world as the voice of Albert Wesker, revealed he was attached to Final Fantasy XV last month on his site, but without sharing a name or further details. The IMDB page goes further than this.

DC Douglas is listed voicing a character named Weskham Armaugh. Below him are three more actors with unnamed roles; Alexa Kahn voicing a character named Crowe, Emily O’Brien voicing Y’shtola, and Greg Berg voicing several characters, including side parts and a person named Gregory.

IMDB FFXV characters

IMDB operates on a contributor model, similar to Wikipedia. Some fans have pointed out that this may mean these role listings may be completely fake. However, given DC Douglas already confirmed he is part of Final Fantasy XV, there is sufficient reason to take these listings seriously.

Technically, Y’Shtola is not a new character, but this listing is also of interest. Y’Shtola is a character from Final Fantasy XIV, and generally used as that game’s mascot and representative in crossovers to other games. It implies there will be a crossover of some sort between the new games, although it may not amount more to a cameo or side story. It’s also possible this will be a different Y’Shtola for this universe, who has similarities to her Final Fantasy XIV counterpart.

As of now, Square Enix has yet to formally reveal any characters named Gregory, Weskham, or Crowe. In earlier previews, they have shared these images of characters, whom they have also not yet identified. Is it possible one or more of these characters match these names?


Final Fantasy XV
will be released in 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Square Enix will be revealing the complete release date in the West in their upcoming Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event.