New Mirror’s Edge Story Details Hit The Ground Running

Today EA has updated their official site with new story details about Faith’s upcoming new adventure Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, giving us a look at the three city districts and three factions that she will encounter during the course of the game.

This series reboot covers Faith’s rise to Runner, the path that led her there, and the ruthless control of an evil ruling faction known as The Conglomerate. In the city of Glass, a metropolis boasting over five million citizens, there are three districts, known as Anchor, Downtown, and The View. All three areas reflect the affluence of the upper ruling class of the city, from Downtown’s sleek shopping centers, the serenity of the exclusive residential beach countryside of The View, to the Anchor’s corporate buildings and high-end nightlife. You can see images of all three areas in our gallery below.

Mirrors  Edge Factions

As home to The Conglomerate, an affiliation of thirteen corporations that hold dominion over Cascadia, there are other groups within the borders of Glass: the Runners, and Black November. Faith’s faction, the Runners, are a more neutral bunch, preferring to shun the opulent lifestyle of the city in favor of living on its rooftops while acting as couriers or, on the less ethical side, burglars. Meanwhile, Black November is the resistance movement secretly scheming against The Conglomerate. Led by the ruthless Rebecca Thane, they seek to incite a revolution among the employs, becoming less ethical as their zeal multiplies.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst releases on May 24 in North America for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Learn more about the movement and combat systems in these videos released earlier this month, or check out Faith’s new weapon, the MAG rope.