Axiom Verge To Come To Xbox One, Wii U

Axiom Verge
It’s always a delightful time when a great looking indie game is able to make the leap from PC to console, opening itself up to a potentially whole new audience. The latest game to make such a leap is Axiom Verge, from Thomas Happ Games. In a March 14 press release, developer Tom Happ announced that he would be working to bring his game over to console audiences, with Xbox One and Wii U releases on the horizon. The developer’s press release did not indicate when the Xbox One and Wii U versions were scheduled for release.

Axiom Verge was released early in 2015 on PC, after a five-year development cycle during which Happ completed the game as its sole developer over evenings and weekends. The game has since accumulated massive critical acclaim and has won a number of awards, including:

  • Nominee, Indie Game of the Year, The Game Awards 2015
  • Winner, Hardcore Gamer Best of 2015
  • Winner, PlayStation Blog Editor’s Choice
  • Winner, GameSpot’s Best of E3 2014
  • GameSpot’s Best Game Made By One Person Special Achievement Award
  • Giant Bomb’s Editor’s Top Games of 2015: Jeff Gerstmann’s #3 Game of 2015, Dan Ryckert’s #4

The game has won hearts and minds the Internet over thanks to its nostalgia-thumping pixel art visuals and its classic backtrack-and-explore level design reminiscent of games like Super MetroidAxiom Verge is expansive, featuring 40 weapons, a map comprising more than 1,000 rooms, and more than 80 different enemy types. It’s also available in six languages.

Axiom Verge is currently available on Steam for $19.99, or for sale directly through the developer’s site.