Nyrthos Brings Diablo Style Gameplay to the Browser, iOS, and Android

I'm not much for mobile gaming. Call me an old fashioned cynic, but I like my games to be played on bulky boxes with cumbersome, seemingly abritrary control schemes. That's why I'm downright amazed at my excitement for Nyrthos, the newly announced action RPG from indie upstarts BeerDeer.

Unwieldy name aside, Nyrthos hopes to bring a much needed dose of hack-and-slash gameplay to platforms more traditionally reserved for casual experiences: Android, iOS, and web browsers. I have to say, it makes one hell of a first impression. The backgrounds and sprites are downright gorgeous, made all the better by the nostalgia-inducing isometric viewpoint. 

If you've got eyes, you've probably noticed that Nyrthos bears quite the resemblence to other iconic action RPGs, like Diablo and Gothic. BeerDeer openly cites those games as inspiration, but promises some dramatic changes that will keep the experience from feeling like a straight rehash. For starters, there's a marked focus on dynamic gameplay. Your actions and choices will have a noticeable impact on the outcome of the game, allowing you to unlock new areas and affect the outcome of the story. You'll even be able to build new towns, should you so desire.

And if they don't pull all those bold new ideas off? Well, you've still got Diablo on your phone, and that's one hell of a fallback.

BeerDeer is planning to kick off a beta test soon, with a launch to follow shortly. If you're interested in signing up for a key or learning more about the game, head on over to the game's official site for the full rundown.