Thing Trunk Unveils Their Latest Game Book of Demons

Fans of hack-and-slash gameplay may find an interest in this upcoming parody action-RPG title from an independent studio, Thing Trunk. The video game is called Book of Demons and is the first title to be included in Think Trunk’s Return 2 Games series as developers showcase bits of the gameplay through the announcement trailer posted up above. While featuring a hack-and-slash overall gameplay, developers have made sure to keep this grim storyline parody filled.

While not too much information has been shared quite yet about the upcoming video game Book of Demons by developers Thing Trunk, we do know that the design of this title is based on paper cut-out graphics. Additionally, some of the usual gameplay mechanics we’re used to seeing within action-RPG’s have been tossed aside for something new and unique.

Instead of having particular items to equip, Thing Trunk has placed a card system within the game that players can collect and swap out in order to mix and match items, spells, and skills. With randomized dungeons, three character classes to choose from, a wide range of enemies to battle, along with plenty of humor, Book of Demons is shaping up pretty nicely.

Currently, Book of Demons is slated to release only on the Steam client for PC. However, there is not a defined release date quite yet. Instead, developers Thing Trunk has stated that the game should release some point during Q3 2016.