Square Enix Offers Surprise Box Containing Five Video Games For Ten Dollars

Square Enix is celebrating spring in a neat little way with the announcement of a Square Enix Surprise Box. This box will only cost gamers $10 and in return, they will receive five video games all of which will be provided through the Steam PC client. If you feel like taking a risk, you can purchase the mystery box and wait for the video game announcements after the orders have all been processed.

If this Square Enix¬†Surprise Box event sounds familiar to you then that’s no surprise. Square Enix did a similar mystery box last year which the product was known as the Holiday Surprise Box. Just like this little event the development team is putting on right now, the Holiday Surprise Box required gamers to purchase the product in advanced while the video games were sent out at a later date. Last year, gamers who participated received Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Thief, Final Fantasy XIII, Life is Strange Episode One, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, just for one ten dollar bill.

As it stands, gamers who are interested in taking a stab at this new $10 mystery box from Square Enix can do so right now through March 20, 2016. The video game announcements will not come until March 21, 2016, in which Square Enix confirms that these games will release individually in case any gamers would like to gift them to friends or family. Furthermore, Square Enix promises gamers that these five mystery titles are valued at over $80 if that gives you any incentive to making the $10 purchase.