Ace Attorney 6: Story, Medium Vision And Kurain’s High Priest Revealed

Phoenix-Wright-Ace-Attorney-6 Potdino Niwackus
The latest issue of Famitsu has new details on Ace Attorney 6‘s introductory story and Medium Vision mechanics. They also introduce a new character, Kurain’s high priest Potdino Niwakas.

Maya Fey’s return is no coincidence. In fact, the reason Phoenix visited the Kingdom of Kurain was to catch up with Maya in the first place! She is in Kurain to train her abilities. After talking with Maya, Phoenix goes sightseeing with the young monk Bokuto, and this is where Potdino enters.

Potdino, the high priest of the temple and chief musician, plays the music for Padma Leyfa Kurain’s dance. He also seems to prefer singing to talking, which fascinated everyone in the courts, including the judges. Potdino’s testimony leads Bokuto to be accused of stealing Kurain’s prized treasure, the Jewel of the Founder, as well as the murder of its guard.

Phoenix-Wright-Ace-Attorney-6 Mitamaru

As Bokuto gets dragged and accused in court, Phoenix steps up. Refusing to let his new friend be found guilty, he introduces himself as a lawyer and volunteers to be his defense. Ironically, Bokuto becomes an uncooperative witness to Phoenix upon hearing this. As he learns, it is a serious crime to go to someone’s defense in Kurain. Bokuto’s pet puppy, Mitamaru, also leaves his bag to support his beleaguered master.

Thankfully, Phoenix has an unlikely ally, and that’s Padma Leyfa Kurain and her Medium Vision. Phoenix can narrow his focus on the visions, observing details related to hearing and smell. The position and size of the characters in the vision can also add context, but that’s not all. Padma can sharpen her senses to get even more specific details. Padma may be shocked to learn how much of a help she will be to you after all.

Ace Attorney 6 will release in Japan in 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. Capcom has confirmed that it will be coming to the West. You can read more about Medium Vision here, and watch some footage of Potdino and Mitamaru below.