Dark Souls III Livestream Unveils Class Specific Gameplay

From Software held a new livestream earlier today that showcased new gameplay footage for their upcoming highly anticipated video game Dark Souls III. While the full livestream has been marked as a private video on YouTube, there are four gameplay footage videos that have been captured and released online. These particular videos go over gameplay with the Pyromancer, Deprived, Assassin, and the Sorcerer. Take a look at the selected videos down below.


The Pyromancer starting class is ideal for players who enjoy offensive plays. They come packed with powerful spells and melee weapons to keep their attacks quick. In the past, the Pyromancer will start off with a fireball spell, hand axe, cracked round shield, tattered cloth hood, robe, manchette, and heavy boots.


Deprived within Dark Souls III will start players out with nothing but a club and plank shield. While all the stats start out at eleven, this class is made for players who want a real challenge as they being their journey scavaging for equipment.

Academy Assassin

Known as the Academy Assassin, this is a new class coming into the Dark Souls franchise. So far we know that this class will start players out with a spear, buckler, a wizard’s staff, and a torch.


Lastly, we have the Sorcerer which is a class that primarily uses magic as its offensive tool. Players will be able to hold multiple spells and can keep a nice distance away from enemies when in combat. In the past, the starting equipment for the Sorcerer includes a dagger, small leather shield, sorcerer’s catalyst, hat, cloak, gauntlets, boots, along with the soul arrow as its starting spell.