Where Are The Hazmat Suits In The Division? Ubisoft Clarifies

If you’re missing the Hazmat Gear Set within The Division, then you’re not alone. Several gamers have wrote in and complained that they are missing the setup that they are guaranteed for by Ubisoft. Development studio Ubisoft had clarified on the issue assuring gamers that they are currently working on resolving the missing rewards piece, but at this time, it’s unknown just how long that will take.

There were a few different pre-order incentives for The Division, one of which came from GameStop and Best Buy which offered gamers the Hazmat Gear Set. Within this set, players were introduced to an orange coverall suit which increased resistance to viral contamination, decreases damage done by exotic weapons through the backpack, along with a custom orange and white skin for the POF P416 assault rifle.

As mentioned, to receive this Gear Set on The Division, players had to pre-order the video game from either GameStop or Best Buy, but players was also required to play the open beta of the video game when it started on February 19, 2016, through February 21, 2016. After completing these requirements, Ubisoft would toss in the Hazmat Gear Set which players could redeem through the vendor. However, once the game launched, players started to flock to forums reporting issues of not receiving their Hazmat Gear Set DLC.

Today, within the official Ubisoft forums, a Ubisoft support staff member revealed that they are aware of the issue with this specific rewards perk and are currently working on resolving it. Unfortunately, it’s unknown just when this missing Gear Set will be resolved.