Possible Half Life 3 Website Breaks Hearts

Holy guacamole! Could it be? A legitimate Half Life 3 website? Oh my god I can barely contain my joy, don’t hurt me again, Valve!

www.black-aperture.com popped up very recently and has already caused mass anxiety attacks, fits of hysteria and even cases of a little pee coming out. As exciting as it is, however, the legitimacy is unconfirmed, and many are sceptical. We’ve been hurt before, it’s hard to blame non-believers.

A quick Whois search shows the domain for both Black-Aperture and the official Valve Software website both have some matching details. That being said, however, if you check the DNS record compared to that of Valve and the Half Life website, it doesn’t seem to check out. Damnit. So it seems that if those calling shenanigans are to believe (and they probably are), we all peed our pants a little over nothing.

Interesting how this follows a trail of Half Life 3 hoaxes and conspiracies, though – the Half Life 3 t-shirt, the apparent ARG that not even Gabe Newell knows about…

Maybe it will all add up soon. Maybe.


[Thanks for the tip, DYoshii]