Gears of War Ultimate Edition Launch Problems And Workarounds

Microsoft has acknowledged that there are numerous problems with getting the newly released Gears of War Ultimate Edition to run on AMD Radeon hardware. The publisher released a few workarounds for players experiencing difficulty with the game to attempt ahead of an official patch, which the company says is currently being developed.

Microsoft says that it’s working with AMD to find solutions for these issues and plans to release an update soon.

AMD isn’t the only card with issues in the game. Those with Nvidia graphics cards who also own G-sync capable monitors (because why would you ever disable that?) have reported that they are experiencing framerate problems when playing the game. To fix this issue, simply go into the Nvidia control panel and disable G-sync—at least whenever you intend to play the game and not something else.

Microsoft also recommends that gamers who are playing it on a laptop set their main GPU as their preferred one, because the game may automatically default to the discrete on-board GPU, which isn’t capable of running the game.

Finally, there’s a problem with the Windows store itself in that it won’t provide users with an accurate assessment of how long the game will take to download. One redditor writes:

I wish my progress bar would update in the Windows store. haha. I have slow internet and the fact that the bar stays at 0.1% regardless of how much I’ve downloaded is a real pain. I have no idea how much long I have left. They really need to fix that issue.

This is a known issue. The progress bar will upload in 1GB increments or so, so don’t panic if you don’t think the game is downloading.