Psychological Horror Game Neverending Nightmares Coming To PlayStation 4, PS Vita

Neverending Nightmares
Today over on the PlayStation Blog, creative director of Infinitap Games Matt Gilgenbach has revealed that Neverending Nightmares is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Described as an atmospheric horror game, this title, which features a striking, Edward Gorey-inspired pen and ink art style splashed with occasional stabs of red, first debuted on PC in the fall of 2016. Now it will see release on a new platform in the second quarter of this year.

Over at the blog, Gilgenbach goes more into depth about the game, which he describes as an “interactive experience” meant to touch on the difficulties of mental illness, specifically obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. It stars an asthmatic young man named Thomas who, as the title suggests, suffers from recurring nightmares, trapped in a repetitive series of parading horrors as the player navigates him through his dreams.

As those who’ve played on PC know, there are three endings to Neverending Nightmares, none particularly happy or satisfying; as Gilgenbach notes, “they barely feel like a resolution at all because there really aren’t clean endings in life.” The puzzles are light, the interface minimalist, and the experience as a whole, unsettling.

Reviews were mixed but generally favorable upon its original release. In addition to PC it was also put out on Mac, and Ouya, the latter of which is no longer supported following the purchase of the company by Razer last summer.

The release date is vague but with the “second quarter of this year” just around the corner, the nightmare should be starting soon. For more PlayStation 4 coverage, check out the Gameranx site tag for all the latest news, updates and stories.