Life is Strange Developers Release First Vampyr Screenshots

The creators of Life is Strange are currently developing a new game that’s quite unlike their previous venture. It’s called Vampyr, and it’s best described as a role-playing game about vampires–kind of like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

The upcoming title is set in early 20th century London in the aftermath of the lethal Spanish Flu outbreak that left millions of people dead. As citizens hide away from the disease, vampires stalk the shadows and prey upon those still outside.

“Vampyr is set in early 20th century Britain as the country is gripped by the lethal Spanish flu and the streets of London are crippled by disease, violence and fear. In a disorganized and ghostly city, those foolish, desperate, or unlucky enough to walk the streets lay prey to Britain’s most elusive predators: the vampires. Emerging “

Today, Dontnod released a host of new screenshots of the title, showing what it looks like so far. The game looks incredibly dark and Lovecraftian. It’s a big change from what fans of Life is Strange might have come to expect from the developer.

Like VTM: Bloodlines before it, the game will force you to make decisions on who you choose to feed on.

“Be careful who you choose to hunt, as they will be gone forever, and their death will impact in a meaningful way the world that surrounds you. Feeding on human blood will not just keep you ‘alive’; it will also unlock new vampiric powers to use”

The game is slated for release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and is being developed using Unreal Engine 4.