Play Firewatch With A Friend By Printing Out Your Own Map

Firewatch map
Campo Santo has granted a favor many fans wanted and released a printable version of the map for Firewatch.

As they describe it, this was a popular fan request so that players can get a friend near them help them out in the game. In this way, they can guide the player on where to go next and indirectly play the game as well.

Two versions of the map are available; a clean version of the map, or a slightly yellowed, dirty map for a more authentic atmosphere. You can download the clean map here and the dirty map here.

Campo Santo also recommends you go into settings, and uncheck the ‘Show Location On Map’ option. The in-game map will still be there if you want it, but in this way, you actually will need the other player’s help to get you around.

Campo Santo very recently announced on Twitter that sales exceeded their expectations:

Now, they want to hear from players who make use of the printable map on Twitter. Make sure to send a reply to @camposanto if you do.

Campo Santo is also offering a service to print photos you took in the game for a fee, so you can also enjoy them in real life. Still haven’t bought Firewatch? Keep your finger away from the Amazon button and read our Before You Buy first.