Ride A Giant Beaver With The Latest ARK: Survival Evolved Update

Handcuffs. Giant beavers. The latest content patch for ARK: Survival Evolved is packed with more innuendo than you can shake an extended appendage at. With the latest update, players can now tame and train giant beavers.

As one of the many prehistoric animal mounts available in the game, the beavers can be mounted and ridden. They can also swim (yes, you can swim with and on the beavers), build humongous dams, and harvest and collect wood, allowing you to make your mount a little crafting station on the go. Get more details in the spotlight feature above and by flipping through our gallery below.

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Patch 236 also brings handcuffs to ARK: Survival Evolved, an addition that could either have very sexy or very disturbing implications depending on your play style. Players are encouraged to capture others and imprison them as part of the game’s ongoing barbaric competition between both man and nature.

In addition to this new content, Studio Wildcard has also announced a modding contest for the ARK: Survival Evolved community, awarding $60,000 to the player who can come up with the most creative and intriguing entry in one of three categories, Mods, Maps and Total Conversions. Entries must be submitted by March 15, 2016 and a winner for each category will be announced a month later on April 15, 2016. For more details head over to the official forums to get started (a forum log-in is required).

The ARK: Survival Evolved update earlier this month similarly added huge birds and a grappling hook, both additions greatly shifting the core dynamic of the game. Download your giant battle beavers and wrangle you some human beans by heading over to Steam or Xbox One and firing up the latest patch. The game is currently in Early Access and Microsoft’s Game Preview, but will see full release on Steam in 2016, alongside Xbox One through the digital self publishing service [email protected], and PlayStation 4 with full Project Morpheus support.