Fallout 4 Sold More Digital Copies Than Physical

fallout 4 minigunner
Bethesda’s Todd Howard has revealed that the massively successful Fallout 4 managed to sell more copies online than it did offline. There were more digital copies of the game sold through Xbox One, PlayStation Store and Steam than physical units moved through brick-and-mortar retailers.

The game shipped over 12 million copies to retailers upon its launch, selling close to 2 million in the first three days. Many retailers reported that the game had the largest day one sales of any title last year.

At digital storefronts like Steam, Todd Howard revealed to GameInformer that the game’s day one sales outpaced its retail counterparts.

“One of the things that is amazing: Fallout 4 sold more day one digitally than at retail. That’s a big change,” he said.

Howard went on to state that the success of Fallout 4 has given the developers a platform to really do a lot of insane things with the game, such as the announced Survival Mode that changes the way the game is played entirely.

The developer says that the team is aware that many of Fallout 4’s players are still playing the game and experiencing its content, and that they wish to find new ways to improve this content beyond simply making new stuff for the game.

“They played the game a lot. There is some ‘I played the main quest, I finished it, I’m done,’ but there are so many people that play the game for so long,” said Howard. “It’s not just feeding them content; it’s how do you make that better?”

In the same interview, the developer had a lot to say about the studio’s plans for official modding support.