Soul Axiom Release Trailer Is Very Neon And Cyberpunky

Soul Axiom
“You’re joining me, and thousands of others, on a sprawling server where memories and dreams become reality.”

No, it’s not the opening line from a documentary about World of Warcraft, it’s the introduction to the new launch trailer for Wales Interactive’s upcoming cyberthriller Soul Axiom. The trailer, which launched today on the developer’s YouTube channel, opens with a ghostly cyber-hand held aloft to shield the dirty sunlight, the user’s skeletal interior peeking out amid the digital skin.

A new launch trailer for the upcoming first-person adventure game Soul Axiom was released today by developer Wales Interactive. The video introduces viewers to the world of Elysia, the dystopian near-future cyberpunk setting. More importantly, it provides an eyeful of the bright, neon cyberpunk trappings that players can feast their eyes on as they hack, upload, and solve cyber-puzzles.

Take a look!

Soul Axiom is making waves even before its release. According to Gamasutra, the title has already been nominated for “Best Console/PC – Hardcore” game in the 2016 Game Connection America Awards – one of the only two British titles to receive the honor. In addition to its Tron-like visual style, the game will deal with some pretty heady themes: The nature of reality, the evils of monolithic corporate entities, and the nature of what it means to be human are all themes that are teased by the new trailer, so the game will offer players just as much to think about as to look at.

Soul Axiom launches on Steam February 29. A console release is slated for later this year.