Melbourne Global Game Jam Registrations Open

Are you a games developer located in Australia? Do you reside in the fair city of Melbourne? Would you like to take part in a game jam and work your magic until you’re running off nothing but energy drinks? You should probably register for Melbourne’s Global Game Jam.

If you’ve never heard of a Game Jam before, you’re missing out on seeing a lot of talent and a lot of very tired people pushed to extremes. Game Jams are events where games developers come together, get into teams and race to churn out a game in a mere 48 hours.

The results are phenomenal games and sleep deprived developers.

That being said, however, it’s a fantastic way to practice working under pressure with efficiency, hone your craft and meet with other devs, who you no doubt will either already know or bump into again. This is a good thing because games developers have a habit of being some of the best people you will ever meet. The benefits of taking part in a Jam are way too long to list. Just do it, okay?

If you’ve made it this far, then chances are you’re interested in taking part. Good news for you – registration for the Melbourne Global Game Jam is open.

The Jam itself will take place from January 27-29, 2012, and will be held at La Trobe University.


[Source: IGDAM via Kotaku]