Mojang Announces Monthly Subscription Service For Minecraft Merchandise

Minecraft Monthly Chest
How much do you love Minecraft? Lots? Like, willing-to-shell-out-$30-a-month quantities of love? Then boy do I have news for you. Mojang has just announced the Minecraft Chest, a subscription service that will deliver Minecraft items to your door on a monthly basis.

So far the service is limited to the USA and those who subscribe will also pay a $7 shipping fee in addition to the $30 base price. The Chest will contain toys and collectibles, a monthly T-shirt, and DIY Minecraft recipes, as well as give the subscriber first dibs on “exclusive Minecraft items”. The first care package for this Loot Crate-like service is set to ship in May 2016, but those who pre-order are promised a Minecraft Chest Beta, a beginner’s friendly package exploring the origins of the game. The open window to sign-up early will close in eleven days.

In other Minecraft game related news, in addition to its many other platforms, the game is now on the Wii U and received its second update just a few weeks ago at the end of January. The Telltale Games spin-off adventure Minecraft: Story Mode, made its initial debut last October and it’s fourth episode, of a planned five, released at the end of this past December. The release date for the fifth episode has yet to be announced. And as for the base original Minecraft game, earlier this month Mojang released a set of Year of the Monkey skins to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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