Korean Gaming Curfew in Effect

A South Korean law banning children under the age of 16 from playing online after midnight has gone into effect.

The law, also known as the ‘Cinderella Law,’ was passed earlier this year in an attempt to curb gaming addiction in children.

Services such as the PlayStation network and Xbox Live have been effected, with the PSN no longer allowing users under 16 to register accounts or log in during the curfew of 12AM to 6AM. Xbox Live has been given a two month grace period to develop a system to track user’s birth dates and block those under 16 from having access to the service past midnight.

Tell a teenager they can’t do something, however, and they’ll be more determined to do it anyway. Kids are already finding workarounds to the block, using accounts created with their parents social security numbers or logging into western servers for games such as League of Legends.

While it definitely sucks to be a gamer under 16 in South Korea right now, this is good news for StarCraft players, who no longer have to worry about the humiliation of being obliterated by an 8 year old Korean kid.


[Source: Gamasutra]