Dance Central 2 Gets Lady Gaga DLC

Grab your glitter, put on some sunglasses and take off your pants, because Dance Central 2 is getting Lady Gaga DLC.

Microsoft announced recently that the next round of DLC will include two Gaga tracks – Marry the Night and The Edge of Glory – from 22nd of November. They’ll cost you 240 points a pop, but the opportunity to try that high-kick thing she does in the Edge of Glory video in front of your friends, family, co-workers and others who you respect? Priceless.

This DLC brings Gaga’s tally up to six tracks that are available for selection in the game, including those from the original Dance Cental, which can be imported over. This is good news for Gaga fans, and not-so-good news for those who find Gaga’s music to have adverse affects on their mental health.

Microsoft also mentioned that some new tracks from Rhianna will be made available, but didn’t confirm what tracks.


[Source: Eurogamer]