Major Game Publishers Onboard with SOPA and Protect IP Act

locked sopa

Through the Entertainment Software Association, over thirty major game publishers have declared their allegiance with the government's proposed internet blacklist called SOPA, which masquerades as an action against online piracy.

Among the publishers include giants like Electronic Arts, Capcom USA, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Sega, THQ, Square Enix, Take Two, and Ubisoft. Major developing studios have also declared where they stand with the proposed law that enables the government to blacklist websites and stifle freedom of speech. These studios include 38 Studios, Nival, and Gears of War developer Epic Games. A full list of ESA members can be found at the organization's website here.

A full list of participating companies pledged their support for SOPA in a letter that can be read here. The ESA is among them.

Companies not supporting the proposed law include Activision, Valve Software, CD Projekt, and Skyrim developer Bethesda Game Studios.

It's a disappointing development to say the least, and one that will undoubtedly hurt these publishers and studios in the long run.