Star Wars Battlefield Offline Multiplayer Looking ‘Promising’, Says DICE


DICE has heard the requests of Star Wars Battlefront players for the option to play the shooter with other offline but must first overcome some technical hurdles before that can become a reality.

Details about an offline single-player and/or multiplayer mode for the game, such as when we might reasonably expect to see it implemented, have not yet been announced but the feature has not been forgotten, according to lead designer Dennis Brännvall, who says he has been receiving questions about it every day on Twitter.

Asked if Battlefront’s offline mode will make full use of all the game’s features, he commented that DICE is currently investigating what’s possible for long term offline play.

Additional details about the game’s offline mode are still being kept close to DICE’s chest but Brännvall said things currently look “promising”.

Some have complained about the relative lack of content and the ease-of-access nature of Star Wars Battlefront but it’s likely these very elements which helped contribute to sales 13 million copies as of January 28th. This figure is ahead of EA’s end of fiscal year estimate, which had pegged sales of the game at 13 million by March 31st.

At that time, over 618 million minutes of gameplay had occurred on the desert planet Jakku and over 813 million vehicles had been destroyed in the game.

Four additional content packs are included in the game’s Season Pass, starting with the Outer Rim in March. This will be followed by Bespin in the summer and the Death Star in autumn. A fourth content pack will launch in 2017 but its location has not yet been announced.

None of the forthcoming content for the game will cover the events of The Force Awakens or Rogue One as EA says the game is limited to historical canon. If you do want to take on the adventures of Rey, Finn, and Poe in a game, you’ll be able to do so when LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens launches this summer. That game will expand on the events of the movie.