Black Ops 3 Update 1.06 Out Now for PS4 and Xbox One

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 patch 1.06 has been released by Treyarch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today.

Patch notes for both versions of the game can be found on Activision’s support website.

Among the changes is added support for the auto-on feature in Tactical Mode during the campaign. The patch weighs in at around 1GB on PlayStation 4 but comes with substantially more content on Xbox One. This isn’t too surprising given the release of the substantial update 1.05 on PS4 last week. That patch introduced a range of tweaks and fixes and readied the game for the release of the Awakening DLC, which is currently only available on PS4.

In the new update, changes have been made to Shadows of Evil and Der Eisendrache in Zombies on PS4, while fixes have been implemented for Shadows of Evil, The Giant, and Dead Ops 2 Arcade on Xbox One. For the multiplayer, changes have been made to specialists, create-a-class, scorestreaks, and maps on both systems.

These improvements build upon patch 1.05 which increased the frequency of DLC maps across all playlists, introduced a Colourblind Mode, and the option to view other player’s Combat Records. That patch was a sizeable 9.1GB and shows the increasing importance of investing in larger HDDs or external storage if you’re using Xbox One.

For more on Der Eisendrache, which sees Origin characters venture into a ghoulish Austrian castle built over a massive reserve of Element 115 during World War 2, check out our guide on unlocking the Maxis Secret Code. Keep an eye on our Black Ops 3 tag to keep up to date on the shooter.