Shadowrun: Hong Kong Extended Edition Launches on Steam

Shadowrun Hong Kong
Developer Harebrained Schemes has announced the launch today of Shadowrun: Hong Kong’s Extended Edition on Steam.

The Extended Edition is a free update for all existing players and includes a six-hour bonus campaign as well as more than 100 minutes of developer audio commentary and a host of improvements. The added Bonus Campaign was made possible by the studio’s successful Kickstart fundraising drive while the additional enhancements include editor features for user-generated content, updated dialogue, and enhanced visual effects.

The Bonus Campaign takes place before the main story and sees you and your team take the fight to the corporate police force that pursued and earn your reputation as Prime Runner.

Those who already own any version of Shadowrun: Hong Kong will get the Extended Edition update for free as part of the latest update for the game, which will download automatically for players using Steam. Following the update, the game is now officially titled Shadowrun: Hong Kong Extended Edition on Steam, the Humble Store, and and there are numerous sales and promotions currently running to mark the launch.

Shadowrun typically costs $19.99 but is available for 50 percent off ($9.99) as part of the Steam Lunar New Year sale and can be found on the Humble Store and GOG for the same price. The game’s Deluxe version, which features the Art of Shadowrun: Hong Kong as a PDF book and the original soundtrack, is also on sale for $14.99 on Steam.

The Shadowrun Triple Pack, including the Extended Edition and the earlier games in the franchise, is on sale for 50 percent off as well.