Capcom Sells Cheat Codes as DLC

capcom dlc

Game developer Capcom has just sunk to a new low with its announcement of plans to release cheat codes for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record… for a price. You read that right: Capcom intends to sell cheats as a paid DLC.

Titled the GameBreaker DLC, the cheat code pack contains over a dozen cheats, including staples like God Mode and Infinite Durability, as well as goofier cheats that modify how the game looks, like Flat Frank, and Dumber Zombies.

These cheats would be otherwise unlockable for absolutely free in just about another game, but what can you expect from the company that releases the same Street Fighter game several times a year with new characters in it, and charges even more for outfits already on the disc?

If this is the future of DLCs, I don't want to live in it.