The Division vs GTA V vs Fallout 4: A Map Size Comparison

One of the biggest metrics used to compare games to each other is map size. The above video, uploaded by YouTube user MarcoStyle, compares the size of The Division‘s map to Fallout 4 and Grand Theft Auto V, which are both incredibly large maps. All three maps are based on real-life cities: Fallout 4 is an immaculate replica of Boston, GTA V mimics elements of Los Angeles, and The Division is meant to take place in Midtown Manhattan.

Here’s an overlay from the video that shows what The Division‘s map looks like stacked on top of GTA V’s sprawling Los Angeles stand-in city. While it’s not exactly true to the real cities’ sizes as far as scales go, this map is still pretty huge.

Division Map Overlay
If you were worried about how small the map looks against GTA, don’t worry too much. Here’s a similar overlay of The Division next to Fallout 4‘s map over the full GTA map. As you can see, The Division is pretty close in size to Fallout 4 and looks to be pretty dense.

The Division Overlay Map 2
We all forget how large GTA V‘s map is, don’t we? Most of the YouTube comments on the video appear to be favorable. A few people seem worried because The Division map contains a lot of buildings that players cannot enter but others have remarked that while the map looks to be rather small from a bird’s eye view, there are also multiple underground areas to explore so in reality, the square footage of explorable space is a lot larger than what’s presented here.

What do you think? Is map size an important aspect of a game? Let us know in the comments.