The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Is Getting More Than A Visual Upgrade

Twilight Princess HD Remake Header
While we’ve seen a few trailers  and some concept art showing off Nintendo’s newest HD remaster, more details and impressions of Twilight Princess HD have been unleashed upon the internet today.

In addition to the improved visuals, there will also be some gameplay upgrades. These include the Ghost Lantern, which is a new item that’ll glow when Link is in the same area as Poe. Anyone who remembers the frustrating Poe soul-hunting tasks in the original Twilight Princess should enjoy this addition. The remaster is also getting a new game mode called Hero Mode, where there aren’t any heart drops players take twice the normal amount of damage. Rupees in Hero Mode will also be harder to come by, because if the player’s pockets are full and Link finds extras, those rupees won’t be returned to chest, and will instead disappear into the nether.

As can be expected for the re-release, there will be full Wii U game pad support. This includes the ability to access the map and inventory on one screen while continuing to explore the over world on your TV. The game can also be completely played on the game pad if your roommate really wants to go on a Netflix binge but you want to explore Hyrule.

Luckily, some hands-on previews that posted earlier today claim that the game’s high-resolution textures look good, even if the models and environments look the same. Since Twilight Princess was designed for standard definition TVs during a time when the market was transitioning to the first HD 720p sets, the game hasn’t aged too gracefully. Luckily, however, it looks like Nintendo has put in work to make sure the game shines when it launches for Wii U when it releases March 4, 2016.

Via IGN and Shacknews.