Tales of Symphonia PC Port Is A Mess

Just about every gamer remembers Tales of Symphonia, the classic Bandai Namco RPG from 2003 that was the pride of any GameCube player’s collection. While many fans of the old series were excited to try out the new PC port, now available on Steam, some are experiencing serious gameplay issues.

Steam users have reported that the Tales of Symphonia PC port is locked at a 720p resolution and attempting to change the resolution ruins the game’s image quality. Not only is the resolution locked, however; the frame rate is locked as well. Since modding is such a big part of gameplay for PC gamers, locking the resolution and frame rate seems shortsighted.

In addition to these visual problems, players have reported typos throughout the game that are not present in the PS3 version (which is based on the PS2 release and was used to create the PC port). It’s a shame, since the PC version comes with new content that the game’s veteran players looked forward to – new bosses, costumes, Artes, and even the infamous Symphonia skits.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Tales of Symphonia follows the story of a local hero who discovers his childhood friend is the Chosen One, a legendary being that has the power to save the world they inhabit. While the plot is basic and not exactly original, it’s the immersive world of the story and its colorful, sometimes ridiculous characters that made the game such a hit over a decade ago.

As of now, the ball’s in Bandai Namco’s court to address these issues.